The Quran in Spanish Reviewed say some: Why post a new translation of the Koran into Spanish when there are several known and disseminated? Addressing this issue would be very extensive, but it is important to clarify that in this case, the hard work of four years of shekh Isa Garcia has borne fruit in a translation that bears the unique stamp, thanks to its language and its focus, Today show, permanence and universality of the Quran, being also the first translation addressed to Latin American audiences. Therefore, This effort to translate the Koran to achieve a text that faithfully reflects the spirit and the original message, complementing existing and expanding them translations, you are welcome. The world faces serious problems that, with the instability of the current global economic system, are becoming more complex and profound. Inequality, hunger, internal conflicts, the destruction of ecosystems, the breakdown of the family and traditional values, etc., becoming increasingly urgent search options, and Islam has many concepts that provide. Sheikh Isa use for this translation García great books of exegesis of the Koran as:

Tafsir At-Tabari, Tafsir Al Qurtubi, Tafsir Ash Shawqani,Tafsir Ibn al-Kazim, Tafsir Al Bagawi, Tafsir Muhammad ibn Muhammad Al Mukhtar Ash Shanqiyou, Tafsir As Sa'of
and Aisar At Tafasir .
© Isa Garcia
Arabic Translation: © Isa Garcia
Translation Review: Lic. Anas Amer Quevedo
Literature Review and Style:Said Abdunur Pedraza
Spell Checking: Lic. Magnolia Trujillo Bustos
Cover Design and Layout: Allyson (Alia) Ivette Gari H.
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The Quran in Spanish