Trust in Allah sermon, or khutba


First part of the khutba, or sermon

Praise be to Allah, Who fills blessings to His servants and away from them many misfortunes for His mercy. We praise as befits the majesty of His face and grandeur of His might. I testify that there is no god except Allah, Sole, without associated. His promises are unchangeable, When He decides on something nobody can prevent, and He is swift in reckoning. Praise be to Allah who has taught us how to succeed and how to have patience with failures, praise be to Allah, to whom we entrust our affairs. I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger; the leader of the believers, the example of the righteous and the best educators. ¡God! Bless Muhammad, family, his companions and all those who follow his guidance until the Day of Judgment.

Muslims! The search of livelihood is part of the nature of all living. During the day, even at night, employers, traders, farmers, professionals, and administrative employees of any company engaged in different jobs, looking for ways to get what they need to sustain themselves and their families. This, of course, okay; the problem arises when the person, in an effort to cover the costs of your family, media does not care who uses or continues to achieve its goal, why are people who cheats and lies for the purpose.

Find what you need to survive is usually difficult, and the desire for wealth can become the person prey to bad people, who can lead her down the path of Haram or humiliation. Islam strongly prohibits dishonest living forms or make the individual to humiliate or be humiliated; about, said the Prophet Muhammad, Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him "That the fact of not having what you want or need not go to indulging in disobedience of Allah, because nobody gets the favor of Allah but by His obedience ".

In view of poverty which the majority of people today and the economic crisis we are going to the richest, it is good to ask ourselves: What we do?, How to get out of poverty and get rid of the problems generated by irresponsibility in managing the world economy?, Could it be that the end justifies the means, i.e., no matter if we steal, deceive and work with bank interest and usury? The answer to these questions lies in what Omar Ibn Al Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, we reported; said: "I heard the Messenger of Allah say: 'If you will be entrusted to Allah really provide as it does with birds, they leave their nests and return satisfied hungry and food '". Ibn Mas'ud, may Allah be pleased with him, said: "One of the signs of a lack of trust in Allah and certainty that it is He who provides all creation, is that the person seek their livelihood in disobedience and displeasure of Allah. Allah, in his infinite wisdom and justice, has decreed that the peace and the solution of the problems is the result of trust, certainty and acceptance, and that concern and sadness are the result of the doubt ".

Dear Brothers, Allah, Praise, ordered all His servants who are entrusted to him in all his affairs, said:

Allah knows the unseen of the heavens and Earth, and to Him return all matters [and I will judge for them]. Adore it, and entrust yourselves to Him; and know that your Lord is well aware of what you do. [Koran 11:123]

Commend the Living Immortal, and glorifícalo. He is Aware of the sins of His slaves.[Koran 25:58]

Commend the Mighty, Merciful. [Koran 26:217]

Entrusted to Allah means to trust Him completely and utterly, for there is nothing that can benefit anyone other than Allah, because his is all good and kindness; so, the believer is completely surrender to the will of his Lord, because he trusts in Him, which generates feelings of tranquility, compliance and willingness to strive for their purposes regardless of the difficulties encountered. Ibn Al Qayyim, May Allah have mercy, said: "Entrusted to Allah is half of faith. Allah established a great reward for people who surrender to His will, as we clear the Prophet Muhammad, will-lal-Lahu 'alaihi wa will lamb, in the Hadith in which he mentions that one of the characteristics of the seventy thousand people will not be judged on the Day of Judgement and come straight to Paradise, It is entrusted to Allah. And in the hadith transmitted by Omar Ibn Al Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, told the Messenger of Allah: 'If you will be entrusted to Allah really, He would provide as it does with birds, they leave their nests and return satisfied hungry and food '".

Therefore, Wrong thinking, believe or assert that it is not necessary to work to get what is destined us, as those who say there is no need to strive for wealth, since, provided that if Allah were rich, goods reach them alone; and if they were destined poor, otherwise it would be a waste of time and effort looking tired wealth. This attitude is contrary to the basic principles and the Islamic faith, because as it says in the Hadith Prophet Muhammad birds, every Muslim should strive and follow lawful means to achieve their livelihood, because he mentioned that birds leave their nests in search of livelihood, ie strive. In the hadith in question are two basic points that every Muslim must take into account in their belief:

Trusting in Allah.

Work and strive.

Some of the virtuous believers said that those who accept the will of Allah in all matters, all these shall be provided and roads to good multiply. For the believer candidate obtains the necessary conditions for their trust in Allah is true and consistent, should have a basic knowledge of the principles of Tawheed (belief in the absolute oneness of Allah).

We see that there are strange people who know they need Allah, having limits, that Allah is just in its decisions and that all matters are dependent on his will, and still are not able to recognize that must be submitted to the plan of Allah and His Wisdom, trust Him and seek His aid.

I ask God's forgiveness for our sins- Do it you too.

sermones islámicos

Trust in Allah Semón

Second part of the khutba, or sermon

Muslims! It is an obligation that the believer strives, Follow all precautions and means, knowing that this is only part of the way in which the objectives are achieved in life, it must not forget that without the consent of Allah is not possible to achieve something, however minimal it. This was the path traced by the most dedicated person assigned to Allah, Who other than the Messenger of Allah, will-lal-Lahu 'alaihi wa will lamb?, and it was he who followed his Sahabah (disciples), and all the Salaf (righteous predecessors in Islam). Al-Hasan Al-Basri, May Allah have mercy, said: "The entrusted to Allah does not contradict the fact act and strive for what is needed, Allah says, Highest either:

¡Oh, Believers! Be cautious.} [Koran 4:71], and: {And do all in your power to make ready forces. [Koran 8:60]".

Islam teaches its followers into believing in Tawheed, reaffirms in true faith and strengthen their trust in Allah; thus removes them from falling into fantasy, doubt and false. You Also, prohibits believe in divination, superstition and luck omens, and go where wizards, wizards and witches, who claim to know the future. This Islamic education, and prohibitions about, are aimed to rid the individual, family and the whole society of evil causing believe in falsehood and fantasy, making the person only believes in Allah and that all matters solely dependent on his will. Allah says:

Of: Possess no power to benefit or hurt to myself, except what Allah wills. If I had knowledge of the unseen, then have abundant goods and would have not reached any bad. I am only a warner and bringer of glad tidings to those who believe [my prophecy], [Koran 7:188]

If Allah touches you with harm, none but He can remove it. And if you holds a well, no one can prevent you reach His favor. Grants His grace to whom He wills of His servants. He is Oft, Merciful [Koran 10:107],

Of: None in the heavens and the earth knows the unseen, except Allah. And do not know when they will be resurrected. [Koran 27:65]

Brothers in faith, Allah, Glory and Praise, He has blessed us greatly with this religion, which takes us away from any thought or misconception and ignorance, through its clear and firm belief and immutable laws. Pitifully, some of our brothers and sisters are carried away by customs completely nullify the basic principles of belief in Islam, may Allah guide them, to the point that many of them have forgotten their Lord and put their hope and trust in people, objects, astros, colors, numbers, talismans, etc., who do not have the minimum power to benefit someone. Such is the deviation of these people, Some do not leave the house, not make a decision or do not fulfill their obligations towards others, until I read the horoscope or consult your personal soothsayer. Others, meanwhile, are steeped in superstition, afraid to see animals like owls and black cats, or get sick when one day arrives 13 on Tuesday or there is an eclipse, and all sorts of silly ideas and baseless.

Islam came to liberate the human from all that take you to be ignorant and away from Allah, teaching that there is none worthy of worship but Allah and, as we know, worship not only means praying or fasting, then we must also submit to His will and trust solely in Him.

Allah says: And if you ask them [¡Oh, Muhammad! to them idolatrous:] Who created the heavens and the Earth? We will respond: ¡God! Tell: Do you not observe that what invoke besides Allah [powerless]? If Allah wanted to spank with some damage, perhaps they [your idols] I get rid of him? Or if you wanted to cover me with His mercy, they could prevent? Tell [¡Oh, Muhammad!]: I only have to Allah. Those who truly trust in Allah that are entrusted to Him. [Koran 39:38]

Ask blessings on the Prophet Muhammad, as God commands:

Surely Allah and His angels bless the Prophet. ¡Oh, Believers! Pray for him blessings and peace. [Koran 33:56]

¡Oh Allah! I take refuge in You from detour or be misused, of wrong or I rush into error, to oppress and be oppressed, of being ignorant or are ignorant me.

¡Oh Allah! You are the Sovereign, there is no god but You. You are my Lord and I am your servant. I have wronged my soul, acknowledge my sins, forgives all my sins, and my faults because no one forgives sins but You. Lead me to the best manners, does not guide them but You. Take away from me the evil deeds, not away but You.

¡Oh Allah! Forgive the sins I committed much as I stopped doing, and those who committed secretly and publicly, and what is wasted, as well as those things that Thou knowest me.

Sheikh Muhammad Isa Garcia