Provisions for the Hereafter Part 1

In this famous and well-known work we explain the teachings of our beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him).

Provisiones para el más allá de Ibnu Qayim al-Yauzíyah (May Allah have mercy). En cuanto a esta obra: Verily, one of the greatest blessings that Allah has bestowed upon His slaves is that He sent this noble Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to show its superiority over all other religions, and through it completed His favor upon us, and chose for his people Islam as their religion, and ensured their success on Earth, and authority to practice their religion, and he gave them in exchange safety to overcome their fears, and all this was from the blessing bestowed by its affirmation of Unity and Oneness of God and obey Him and his strict adherence to the guidance of His Prophet, which is the best guide.

Y ya que fue la condición de los seguidores del Profeta que siguieran su camino, scholarly community [Islamic] have given great importance to it, and have put in writing what they knew, and what deducted from your guide for those who came after them, with respect to acts of worship, treatment and habits.

Provisiones del más allá

Provisions for the Hereafter 1ªParte


Author: Qayem Ibn Al-Jawzíyah

Translator: Muhammad Isa Garcia

Adaptation: Abdenur Pedraza

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Provisions for the Hereafter Part 1