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As you embrace Islam see a non-Muslim concepts to follow in each step you take in this beautiful religion. The Muslim feels immensely happy for the guidance that Allah has given and which has favored him. I ask Allaah to keep us and all Muslims firm in this great religion until we meet Him, without changing anything on it without having to be put on trial.
In fact, a true Muslim feels great joy when a person looks like embraces Islam, because you want the best for each other and want to live like him: in a life of comfort and joy with spiritual happiness and mental stability. This can only be obtained through the teachings of Islam.

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Dear brother, It is indeed a great blessing and favor of God that He has guided you to Islam and has saved you from disbelief, as there are many that Les has not provided guidance to recognize the true religion, and many people have realized that Islam is the true message but have not received the guidance to follow. This is why we should thank Allah Almighty Sea, my brother, for the grace and the gift that made you, ask God to hold fast to this religion to meet Him. Allah Exalted says:

They think I made you a favor by embracing Islam. Tell [¡Oh, Muhammad!]: Do not think so. Verily, if you are truthful [to say that you believed] know that it was Allah Who made you please guide you to faith. 49:17 Quran



Editor: Dr.Abdurrahmán Al-Sheha
Translation: Fernando Refay


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As Embracing Islam