Mesa de Libros en Mataró 12/03/2016

Mesa de Libros en Mataró 12/03/2016

Para el próximo Sábado día 12/03/2016 habrá una mesa de Libros informativos sobre el Islam totalmente gratuítos.

Acérquense e inviten a los demás a asistir y recoger sus libros desde ACS Iqra Mataró.

Repartiremos InshaAllah La Traducción Comentada del Corán del Lic. M. Isa García y otros Libros de conocimiento Islámico para Musulmanes y No musulmanes.

No pierdas la ocasión!!!

Enseñanzas básicas sobre el islam en español

Basic teachings of Islam in Spanish

Basic teachings of Islam in Spanish


Enseñanzas básicas sobre el islam libro escrito por el ilustre Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah am Base may Allah have mercy on him, It was a great Mufti (interpreter or expounder of sharia law with authority to issue legal opinions or fatwas) This book explains the new Muslims bases for the practice of Islam gradually starting from memorizing some Quran and understand its meaning, to make shahada, as the pillars of the magnet (Faith), Tawhid understand Monothelitism, the five pillars of Islam, the conditions of prayer, the pillars of prayer, obligatory acts during prayer, the declaration of tashahud (Position in prayer), issues recommended in the sunnah during prayer, acts invalidating prayer, ablution and requirements, requirements ablution (limb), acts which invalidate ablution or Udu, Moral standards expected of a Muslim, Islamic ethics, acts of disobedience to avoid the Muslim, preparing the dead at funeral.

conceptos básicos sobre islam

Islam basics

These are the basics in practice of Islam which every Muslim must fulfill and in due time. May Allah make things easier for new Muslims and have patience when carrying just this great religion which unfortunately is misunderstood by many factors both Western society and Arab own. This fitna today is nothing more than worldly interests that humans acting in the name of religion but the bottom line is that exerts different attitudes to their advantage.

Allah, I ask misfortune satisfaction, live in peace after death, pleasure to behold Your Face and desire to meet you. I seek refuge in You from being unfair to others and they are wronged, to show hostility and animosity suffer, and erring or committing unforgivable sins. If you leave me to myself, you leave me in a state of weakness, need, sin and error. I depend only on Your Mercy. Forgive, for, all my sins, as only you can do. Accept my repentance, for You are the Forgiving, the Merciful


Author: Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah am Base

Translator: Sheikh Muhammad Isa Garcia

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Basic teachings on Islam

El Coran en Español Comentado

The Quran in Spanish Reviewed

The Quran in Spanish Reviewed say some: Why post a new translation of the Koran into Spanish when there are several known and disseminated? Addressing this issue would be very extensive, but it is important to clarify that in this case, the hard work of four years of shekh Isa Garcia has borne fruit in a translation that bears the unique stamp, thanks to its language and its focus, Today show, permanence and universality of the Quran, being also the first translation addressed to Latin American audiences. Therefore, This effort to translate the Koran to achieve a text that faithfully reflects the spirit and the original message, complementing existing and expanding them translations, you are welcome. The world faces serious problems that, with the instability of the current global economic system, are becoming more complex and profound. Inequality, hunger, internal conflicts, the destruction of ecosystems, the breakdown of the family and traditional values, etc., becoming increasingly urgent search options, and Islam has many concepts that provide. Sheikh Isa use for this translation García great books of exegesis of the Koran as:

Tafsir At-Tabari, Tafsir Al Qurtubi, Tafsir Ash Shawqani,Tafsir Ibn al-Kazim, Tafsir Al Bagawi, Tafsir Muhammad ibn Muhammad Al Mukhtar Ash Shanqiyou, Tafsir As Sa'of
and Aisar At Tafasir .
© Isa Garcia
Arabic Translation: © Isa Garcia
Translation Review: Lic. Anas Amer Quevedo
Literature Review and Style:Said Abdunur Pedraza
Spell Checking: Lic. Magnolia Trujillo Bustos
Cover Design and Layout: Allyson (Alia) Ivette Gari H.
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The Quran in Spanish