Strategies to divert the believer Shaitan

Shaitán Devil Diablo

Shaitán Devil Diablo

The enmity between man and Shaitan (devil) goes back to a situation that took place long ago. We must return to the day when Allah created Adam, even before Allah and founds him His spirit. Shaitan passing near Adam he said: “If you are given dominion over me, to desobedeceré. And if I is given dominion over you, to destruiré”. When God breathed into Adam the spirit, He asked the angels to prostrate before him. Shaitan who worshiped until then to Allah with heavenly angels, was included in the order. But Shaitan considered himself superior, and pride he refused to prostrate before Adam.


That is Shaitán He was the first to distinguish the origin of a person, and soconclude that anyone who discriminates against another by color, language, nationality,belief, etc. It is following the example of Shaitán. Said our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him):
"People come from Adam and Adam comes from clay. The Arab is not superior to non-Arab, nor white is superior to black, except for the piety (godly)". And the pity is within the Heart,
As the Prophet said Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him):
"Piety is here," pointing to his heart.Then when Adam opened his eyes, found respect for the angels prostrate at his feet.But he also found a great enemy, daring him to him and his descendants andencouraging them to self-destruction and diversion. Then the damn promise made desencaminaría the offspring of Adam.

"Allah asked: What prevented you reverence when I commanded you? He answered: I am better than him, as a created me from fire and him from clay". Quran 7: 12

Shaitan examples of strategies evil



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Author: Muhammad Isa Garcia

Review: Lic. Liliana Anaya


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