The simplicity of Islam


Author: Muhammad ibn Salih al-Uzair's

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Islam is life

Oh Muslims! It's part of Satan's enmity paint them the worst and most horrific image of Islam so that drifting away. Les portrays Islam as something that deprives freedom, oppresses people, impedes progress and enjoy; this is how we portray our religion satan, not to follow her and turn away from it. Hence the rational person, when he reflects on this religion fairly and with knowledge, he realizes that Islam is innocent of these charges and is contrary to all these features, since it is the religion of true freedom balanced, ease, simplicity, development and happiness.

Islam is based on five pillars: Attest that nothing and no one with the right to be worshiped except Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger, establish prayer, pay the Zakat (compulsory social contribution to the needy), Ramadan fasting and pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Mecca. And these five principles are very simple and easy, they all aim to refine our manners, purify our hearts and correct the various situations that arise in the lives of people.

Witnessing to not worship none but Allah involves releasing the heart of any type of worship to be created, thus restricting only Allah, Lord of the Universe, One who favored you with the existence and livelihood. You are a servant for Him, but for others you are a free person, and is a great folly rid of worshiping Allah and become the slave of the passions or any being created. The witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah implies freedom from blind someone monitor and restrict only the Messenger of the Lord of the Universe, that to which he was commanded to convey the message and we was ordered to follow; and the Day of Judgment will be asked if he conveyed the message to us and asked us if we follow:

Certainly interrogate the Messengers and the peoples where they were sent.

Quran 7:6