Basic teachings of Islam in Spanish


Enseñanzas básicas sobre el islam libro escrito por el ilustre Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah am Base may Allah have mercy on him, It was a great Mufti (interpreter or expounder of sharia law with authority to issue legal opinions or fatwas) This book explains the new Muslims bases for the practice of Islam gradually starting from memorizing some Quran and understand its meaning, to make shahada, as the pillars of the magnet (Faith), Tawhid understand Monothelitism, the five pillars of Islam, the conditions of prayer, the pillars of prayer, obligatory acts during prayer, the declaration of tashahud (Position in prayer), issues recommended in the sunnah during prayer, acts invalidating prayer, ablution and requirements, requirements ablution (limb), acts which invalidate ablution or Udu, Moral standards expected of a Muslim, Islamic ethics, acts of disobedience to avoid the Muslim, preparing the dead at funeral.

conceptos básicos sobre islam

Islam basics

These are the basics in practice of Islam which every Muslim must fulfill and in due time. May Allah make things easier for new Muslims and have patience when carrying just this great religion which unfortunately is misunderstood by many factors both Western society and Arab own. This fitna today is nothing more than worldly interests that humans acting in the name of religion but the bottom line is that exerts different attitudes to their advantage.

Allah, I ask misfortune satisfaction, live in peace after death, pleasure to behold Your Face and desire to meet you. I seek refuge in You from being unfair to others and they are wronged, to show hostility and animosity suffer, and erring or committing unforgivable sins. If you leave me to myself, you leave me in a state of weakness, need, sin and error. I depend only on Your Mercy. Forgive, for, all my sins, as only you can do. Accept my repentance, for You are the Forgiving, the Merciful


Author: Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah am Base

Translator: Sheikh Muhammad Isa Garcia

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Basic teachings on Islam