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The pilgrimage to Mecca

The last pillar Hajj is one of the finest institutions of Islam is Hajj or Pilgrimage to Mecca. Al Hajj is obligatory, at least once in life, for every Muslim man or woman, of sound mind, financial and physical. The Muslim responsible age, enjoying good health and economically capable and solvent, must perform Hajj at least once in their life.
For financial security mean in this case must have sufficient means to cover their own expenses and those of their dependents and to pay its debts, if you have them, up to reach the end of Hajj.

Al Hajj is another unique feature of Islam. It has been prescribed by One God to serve multiple purposes, among which are the following:

1 . Is the highest annual convention of Faith where Muslims gather, to know each other, discuss common issues and promote their general welfare. It is, further, the largest regular conference of peace known in the history of mankind. Peace is the dominant theme of Al Hayy, peace with God and with one's soul, peace with others and with animals, peace with birds, and even insects. It is strictly forbidden to disturb the peace of anyone and any creature, in any way or manner.

2 . It is a salutary demonstration of the universality of Islam and humanity and equality of Muslims. Muslims from all walks of life, of all professions and classes and from every corner of the globe gather in Mecca in response to the call of God Glorified. All dressed with the same simplicity, observe the same rules, run the same supplications at the same time, the same way and for the same purpose. There are no privileges, but loyalty of all to God the Creator of the universe. No aristocracy, but humility and devotion.

3 . Reaffirm the commitment of Muslims to God and their readiness to leave the material interests in His service.

4 . puts pilgrims in knowledge of spiritual and historical environment of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) so they can feel warm inspirations and strengthen their Faith.

5 . Serves to commemorate the divine rite observed by the Prophet Abraham and Ishmael (E Ibrahim Ismail) Peace with Them who is known as the first pilgrims to the first house of God on earth, i.e., the Ka 'bah in Mecca ( Makkah).

6 . It is a reminder of the great assembly of the Day of Judgment when people are equal before God waiting for their final destination as nobody can claim superiority of race or ancestry. Remember also that existing worldwide, only the Mecca was honored by God Almighty as the center of monotheism since the time of Abraham Peace Be with Him, and that will remain the center of Islam, religion pure monotheism, until the end of time.

In performing the Hajj is easily seen that this is a means of spiritual enrichment and moral strengthening, half of intense devotion experience desciplinaria, a manifestation of humanitarian interests and inspiring knowledge- All this together in a single institution of Islam.

Note also that God is the only recipient of this whole path of devotion. Muslims traveling to Mecca for the glory of God, not to kiss a stone or worship a man or a semi-divinity. Kissing or touching the Black Stone of the Ka'bah is an optional action, not an obligation or a prescription. Those who kiss or touch the Black Stone do not because they put their faith in it, or superstitious qualities attributed. His faith rests in God. Kiss or touch or point to the Stone simply as a demonstration of respect or as a symbol of love for the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) , which placed the stone in the foundation of the Ka'bah, when its reconstruction.