Conference warning against religious extremism

Lecture given at the UNED (National University of Distance Education) in which it warns against extremism and are some of the causes to avoid falling into them.


Respect Life

To facilitate the readers of this website may be confusion and doubts about some causes that are living today by ignorance of them this audio brother Hisham which gives us a wide variety of tests to which the Muslim has , explains that our religion is an intermediate religion and has no place extremism extremism destroyed villages previous to you as is referred to in the hadith (such). In the Islamic religion one is forced to seek knowledge not to fall into ignorance and seek knowledge of scholars that this is how they learned the same scholars, not worth reading a book without the explanation of a trained scholar to extend in reference content of everything. If you draw conclusions for yourself end up losing the direction and sense of things as is currently the case with many young people today.


Author: Hisham Ibn Abdusalam

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