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Dear brothers Iqra Spain is pleased to announce that it is launching the Quran Spain Project, It is an ambitious Project where it can deliver Korans with translating your comment to Castilian (Spanish). The means at our disposal are limited for now but we trust in Allah (Exalted Exalted y Sea) and our possibilities for the purpose of reaching any point in Spain will not be an impediment or excuse to meet the goal is simply to get the word of Allah (Exalted Exalted y Sea) where this decreed. We have a van and willing to make sacrifice their time for this blessed work is the result of many people to return to Islam with the Will of Allah staff (Exalted Exalted y Sea). Dear reader, ask for their help with this project so that our work is constant and persevering in our goal of planting seeds in this world to reap the rewards in the Hereafter undoubtedly. If you are excited to collaborate with us and participate in this ambitious project beneficial and this is your chance, Korans leave us for 1 € one euro per Quran, less than the price of a coffee, this charity eternal this is (half to charity) also you you'll take the rewards of this wonderful project, brothers remember that charities do not decrease your wealth even less, This protects and blesses the rest as claimed by muhadicin. This charity falls into the hands of our Lord Allah Almighty will not be lost in this business. All activities will be reflected in videos and photos for publication here. Therefore seeking the pleasure of Allah Generous King of all Kings.
Compassionate Merciful Allah says: patients, sincere, Devotees, who practice charity and ask forgiveness at dawn.
To enter here the link of bank accounts, may Allah bless you put concept “Project Coran Spain”
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